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Put a Shine On! Sanding and Polishing Video for Polymer Clay Hosted on Youtube

Join Barbara McGuire and Thomas Michael Poole as they share the secrets of getting a 'high shine' on the polymer clay beads they sell at This video is very thorough and discloses the brand of supplies used (available at and the techniques for sanding and buffing. Barbara McGuire has been making polymer artwork for over 25 years and Michael Poole has had extensive experience with sanding and polishing - corvettes and fiberglass! Following a few tips in sanding really DOES make a difference!

Please note to receive the illustrated results, you will also need some type of buffing wheel.

The video is hosted live at and to get it for $8 you must use promo code: shineon14 That will entitle you to 20% Off and it Expires June 30th, 2014.

Please do not ‘share’ this video and its content - as we reserve all rights. Your support in our efforts will make it possible to continue to bring you new and valuable tutorials at an affordable price. Thank you for joining us in Putting a Shine On!

Polymer Polishing Video via Youtube shine_on_video_tutorial