Click to enlargeOpen Arms shape stamp

Open Arms is a full 8x10 sheet of four sets of ladies arms. The arms are approximately 6 inches in length and sized for work on an 8x10 canvas. However, due to cropping or expanding the composition, the arms will fit additional dimensions. The pairs were drawn by Barbara McGuire to fit on actual clay angel portraits, but can be intermixed to create additional poses. The artwork shown is an example of the stamp in use. There are no mirrored sets, but due the possibility of using the stamp on the front or back side of the intended material (clay or paper) the actual shape can easily be mirrored. Hands are shaped as a glove, with fingers easily drawn in or cut through the clay. The arms can also be shaped, cropped or stretched, once the pattern is defined. The stamp is deeply etched which allows for a beveled edge as the outline sinks into the clay. This gives a rounded effect to the shape, and creates more dimension than a razor cut. This is an angel stamp and allowed to be used in handmade items for sale.