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Free Card as Word document, Landscape Orientation.

Heart of my Hearts - for a price you can't beat! FREE! A printable greeting card! Download this image and print in Landscape orientation to a 8.5x11 sheet of paper (preferably cardstock) - which you can then fold - and use as a 5.5x8.5 greeting card! You can re-run it through your printer (if you have programming) to add text - or type text directly into the word program (image will move!)or hand write your own text! This file is a 2003 Word Document - with landscape orientation. Happy EVERYDAY! Enjoy! - Please note the download is free - and you must hit digital download in checkout to get free shipping on the free file! (it's a computer thing......)

Please note this image is copyrighted - all rights reserved. You may not copy, reproduce the files, or use this image for any commercial purposes.

Barbara A. McGuire has been creating art in polymer clay for nearly 18 years. She has written over ten books on art instruction, including the recent publication, Creative Canes. She teaches this technique of 'Clay on Canvas' at conferences and stores throughout the country. Please visit her site at

FREE CARD WORD DOC freecard_worddoc