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Diva Dolls Class at OOAK Gallery Saturday Sept. 15 10:30-2pm

Create as many Divas as you wish with this popular expression of a female form. The class focuses on making the doll, but finished work can be worn as a pendant, pin, or captured in a frame. Working in translucent clays, this technique invites inclusions. A crash course on molds is also included as you enjoy Barbara’s collection of faces, textures and script. Materials needed: Polymer clay – 2 blocks translucent, work surface (preferably tile), flexible polymer blade, craft knife, pasta machine and acrylic roller with handle, bone folder, stiff bristle brush for antiquing, soft rag, 400 & 600 grit wet sandpaper, small dish for sanding. All additional materials supplied by the instructor. Note* - When ordering, please choose 'carry' option on postage! If postage is accidentally charged - it will be rebated.

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