Click to enlargeComplex Face Cane

Faces the most challenging cane of all! Create an investment you will have for years to come. This class helps to understand shape, proportion, and coloring to create a life-like cane with personality. Your understanding of facial features and canes will change forever! Students need to bring 1 lb translucent, one block: sienna (brown), ecru, black and eye color clay. Premo is the preferred clay for ease of use, but Kato or Pardo Art Clay can be substituted if the student has had experience caning with these brands. Additional colors provided. Necessary tools provided but this is an advanced class and students should bring personal tools such as rollers (acrylic with handle preferred). Students must bring a pasta machine. *Prerequisite: Polymer Core Class Intro to Color Blends or experience creating a Skinner Blend. Polymer Canes 101 or experience creating a variety of canes.