It's a celebration - of Giving Hearts! 20 years ago, I designed templates of these heart shapes. I proposed the product to Plaid, Amaco, and Accent Import.....and finally, after almost two years of perseverance, Polyform licensed the templates and marketed them under the name Shapelets. I never would have dreamed what these simple hearts would blossom into. Dr. Ron LeHocky bought the templates in a craft store and has used these shapes with his veneers to create a charitable foundation for children. It is in honor of Dr. LeHocky and all the Giving Hearts in our industry that I have made these shapes. It is not my intention to sell them, but rather to make them available for charitable purposes. For a free tutorial, please see specials below. I have sent numerous stamps out already responding to various charitable requests, but I have reached my limit for donating and posting. If you would like a Giving Heart Stamp for your charitable cause, now through March 17th all orders from my Etsy shop Artsource will automatically include a GH stamp. The butterfly Essence of Flight stamp featured in the tutorial is also on special at $12 (only on Etsy/Artsource)

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Sincerely, Barbara A. McGuire

Special Offer Tutorial and Free stamp with any online purchase from Etsy/shop/ArtSource